Brief history
Lantos Kft. is a business that has been producing plastic packaging materials for many decades. We have been manufacturing decorative capsules for use on wine and other liquor bottles since 1998. We became Hungary’s leading PVC capsule manufacturers in a few years and now our products are present in other countries of the region as well.

High quality products
Our customers expect us to produce high quality capsules, therefore our plants have been continuously developed and modernized ever since the beginning. Our persistent ability to meet the ever higher quality requirements owes to such developments.

Customized solutions
Capsules are among the most important decorative elements of wine and other liquor bottles. It is no coincidence that our customers require capsules of diverse shapes, sizes and appearance. We are proud of the fact that we have so far managed to complete almost every order placed.

Flexible performance
Our customers frequently have to complete certain orders promptly. In such cases they need the capsule necessary for packaging as soon as possible. The ability to complete orders with very short deadlines is one of the most significant features of our company.

Lantos Műanyagfeldolgozó Ltd.
6230 Soltvadkert, Kiss Ernő u. 140.
Tel.: +36 20 489 8097